5 New Litters
updated 10/16/09

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Scott's Honey Bleu River X Salty Dogs Skeeter
Two females and one male born August 29, 2009.

Honey is a great mom!  The pups were born within an hour apart from each other and they are all doing good.  The two females and one male are nursing and active. 
Within minutes of being born they started to nurse.
Pocketbook pups provide a puppy care package with each puppy.  It has almost everything you need for your new Yorkie.
You just have to add the love - and that
comes very easy!  We try to help in every
way so that your new pet will transition from
our home to yours as easily as possible.
Honey's pups will be 2 weeks old on 9/12/09.    If your looking for a male this is the only one we have through the end of the year.
Our eyes opened today but we are taking a nap!9/11/09  "Let's Role"
Honey and Skeeters Female Yorkies
          @ 6 weeks of age
Honey's Male
He is the only boy and a real cutie pie!
Honey's tiny female is a sweetheart.  She has a very small face and her ears are erect. She looks very similar to Ruby.  She should be approximately 6 lbs when full grown.

Price $1250
I will be 7 weeks on Saturday 10/17/09
Honey's Male is SOLD!
This liitle hunk is very laid back!  Totally out numbered by the women.  He has an adorable face and thick coat.  What's not to fall in love with?

He should weigh apprximately 7 lbs full grown.

Price $850
Honey's Larger Female will be approximately 7 lbs when full grown.  She will be an excellent size for breeding healthy Yorkies or an adorable pet.  She is very loving.  Ears should stand as both parent's ears are erect.

Price $ 1000
Brian Yates adoped a new family member on 10/15/09. They are a wonderful pair! 

This little puppy has no idea how he is about to be spoiled by Brian, Gail and Austin.

Brian is an Aggie...Whoop!
Pictured:       Brian Yates, Gail and Austin

Gail also picked out a female puppy!  She is a Longhorn fan....Hook'em!  I want to know what is going to happen on Thanksgiving Day? ? ?
Mia - Sold to the Santana Family
Ruben, Lisa, Kayla and Mia.  What a lovely family!

Kayla was so sweet and gentle with her new puppy. Little "Mia" fell fast asleep in her arms.
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