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My kids..Kaleigh and Blake.
Blake Moeller on left with his wife, Heather, in the middle.
Kaleigh Wrae is on the right.
Lilly Von Shtupp X  Texas Parti Rock
DOB   06/15/2016

weight 1.13 @  9 weeks estimated adult weight  is 4.75  lbs
weight  @  15 weeks estimated adult weight  is 4.75  lbs
weight @  19 weeks is 3.0, estimated adult weight is  4.5  lbs
weight @  33 weeks is 2 lbs.10 oz, estimated weight as an adult is 4.0 lbs
weight @  11 months is  4.5 lbs

Great beard and short legs!
Sold on this
AKC Yorkie Male

Berry's Mikki  X  Berry's Maximillion
DOB  10/02/2016

weight is 1lb 10 oz @  6.5 weeks, estimated adult weight is 6  lbs
weight is  3 lbs 5 oz @ 18 weeks, estimated adult weight is 5.5 lbs
weight is  4 lbs 0 oz @ 22 weeks, estimated adult weight is 5.5 lbs

Price $ 1500

This is a handsome male who loves to sit in my chair and watch TV with me.  He can chase the ball and usually brings it back.

The coat will be a shiny silver and gold.

His paternal grand dam is Engelmann's Lucky Penny.  See dam page on this website.
Dam: Pocketbook's Sunny One So True X Sire: Capone's Lock N Load
DOB   12/1/2016

weight  is 2 lbs @  14  weeks estimated adult weight is  3.5 lbs
weight is 2 lbs 2 oz @ 16 weeks, estimated adult weight is 3.5.lbs
AKC Yorkie Male

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Mask when he was a baby looked like a little bandit!
Price $ 1800
This boy is a doll!  So sweet and playful!  Coat is amazing and face is beautiful!  Look at the great gold beard! Ears are erect and stand nicely!

I think he is so handsome!  Recent vet check was great!
Available AKC
  Yorkie Female

Dam: Lili Von Shtupp X  Sire: Ace in the Hole

DOB 1/1/2017
Weight @ 8 weeks is 11.5 oz, estimated weight is 1.75 lbs
Weight @ 9 weeks is 12 oz, estimated weight is 1.75 lbs ( below 2 lbs)
Weight @ 12 weeks is 15 oz, estimated weight is 2 lbs
Weight @ 14 weeks is 1 lb 3 oz, estimated weight is 2.25 lbs
Weight @ 16 weeks is 1 lb 6 oz, estimated weight is 2.25 lbs

Price $ 4250
One of the tiniest females we've ever had!  Amazing! She barks at strange noises, chews on bones, etc.  lol

She is like a little wind up toy!  I have to marvel at how much she acts like a big pup. Yorkies have big personalities.

Sold this AKC
  Yorkie Male

Dam: Lili Von Shtupp X  Sire: Ace in the Hole

DOB 1/1/2017

Weight @ 9 weeks is 1lb 1oz, estimated weight is 3.0 lbs

Price $ 2500
This male is so fine!  Almost as small as his sister.  There are 3 females and 2 males in this litter.  He has markings like he is wearing a tuxedo.

So so cute!!!!!

I attract all
the chicks  !
Price $ 1600
Gold face with hardly any white on him except on the chest.  A classic Yorkie look and he is half Parti. Excellent coat which I recently trimmed.  He is staying small. 
I am estimating that he will be 5 lbs.

He would make a great stud.  Almost 1 year old.

Available AKC
  Yorkie Male
1/2 parti

Sold AKC
  Yorkie Female

Dam: Ginger X  Sire: Capone


Weight @  7 weeks is , estimated weight is

Price $ 5000

This is a tiny Chocolate doll!  She is sooo adorable and should look just like her mother.  She is rare with the light colored greenish blue eyes.  I bred this litter with Capone's Lock n Load.

She is outstanding and rare!

Sold AKC
  Yorkie Female
1/2 chocolate

Dam: Ginger X  Sire: Capone

Weight @  9 weeks is 1.1oz, estimated weight is 2.5 lbs

Price $ 4000

This is Chloe; a tiny angel.  I think she looks like Jerry on the Tom and Jerry cartoon!  What's not to love about this little gal!  I just trimmed the ear hair.  Her ears are small and nicely placed.  Button nose, and great coat! She is adorable and she is half chocolate.

AKC Yorkie Female
1/2 chocolate puppy
Dam: Ginger X  Sire: Capone
DOB 01/09/2017

Weight @  9 weeks is 1.15 oz, estimated weight is 5.0 lbs

Price $ 2250

This is Sadie!  She is the larger female in the group but really a beautiful dam.  Anyone wanting a larger female and not a teacup or a breeder, should check her out.  She would make a wonderful mother.  Plus she is half chocolate.

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Pocketbook's Lovely Lola  X  Pecos Bill Sir Chocolate
DOB   1/31/2017

weight 13 oz @  7 weeks estimated adult weight  is 3  lbs
weight  1 lb 5 oz @  9.5  weeks estimated adult weight  is 3.25 lbs

Price $ 3000

This Gold Sable female is an angel!  Big eyes, beautiful coat and so sweet!  Her parents are beautiful, too!  You will not be disappointed in her.  She is tiny!

Sire is my chocolate stud pecos Bill.  He throws the mosst beautiful puppies.  His dam is a parti!  Great genes here.

SOLD AKC  Yorkie
Female gold sable

Jett's All You Need Is Love X  Pecos Bill
DOB   03/9/2017

weight 1.1 @  5 weeks estimated adult weight  is 4.25 lbs
Price $ 1800

Gold face and eyes are priceless on this boy!  He is the largest in this litter but they are very close in size. All have great erect ears and are so sweet!  You will love him!

Deposit on this AKC
  Yorkie Female

Pocketbook's Gypsy Soul X  Pecos Bill
DOB   04/18/2017

weight 8oz @  1 week estimated adult weight  is 4.5 lbs

Price $ 2700
Four white feet and a large spot on her chest makes her not only a percentage parti but her dad is a chocolate sire. It's hard to find a dam that carries both genes.

Isn't she cute!

Sold AKC
  Yorkie Male

Center boy with blue collar is available.
Available AKC
  Yorkie Males

Poppy's Acoustic Melody X  Curly Bill
DOB   04/06/2017

weight 10oz @  2 weeks estimated adult weight  is 4.0 lbs

Price $ 2000

Look at the rich amber colored gold on faces and legs!  Traditional all the way!  These boys are so handsome!  The one on the right is for sale.

Stud will be 1 year on 6/15/17.  Up to date on all shots!
Available AKC
  Yorkie Male

Foxy Roxy X Little Dude
DOB   03/13/2017

Price $ 1500

This boy has a wonderful face and thick lucious coat! He is playful and sweet, too. He will be larger than a teacup.  Very safe for playing outside and fetching a ball!

Great bite..
Available AKC
  Yorkie Male

DOB   03/17/2017
weight 13 oz @  8.5 weeks estimated adult weight  is 2 lbs

Price $ 3500

This little man is dinky!  Tiny, tiny teacup!  Full of spunk and no soft spot on the head..bite is perfect!  You will love him!

I real pocket puppy!

Great Chocolate Coat
Available AKC
  Yorkie Male

Dixie's Black Diamond X
DOB   03/16/2017

Price $ 1200

This boy