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updated 10/07/09
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Kricket's Royal Flush X Fritz In Your Pocket
Three females born 8/08/09 

yorkie -dam - breeder - blue and gold - milk
puppies - milk - grass -
yorkie - akc - stud -pedigree - dna - gold - blue
More milk please!
Pictured @ 3 weeks old.
yorkshire - play - white - black
girl - trees - leaves -yorkie - baby
Kricket's girls will be 5 weeks on 9/15/09
yorkie - toys -  button nose - paws
Eve and Rob Orr selected a beautiful female from Kricket and Pocket's litter.  They have raised Yorkie's in the past and are anxious to take their little girl home soon.
Sold to Eve Orr
Happy Birthday!!! 
Female sold to the Callia family.  Roya's parents gave her an adorable puppy for her birthday.  Kaitlyn is holding her Yorkie named, Lyla. Hopefully they will become great playmates!
What a beautiful family!
Apple is my name! I am fluffy and a happy gal.
Please give us a call there is still one female available from this litter. 
Rob came to pick up Apple today.
Pictured below at 9 weeks and 31 oz.  She should be 5 to 5.5 lbs when full grown.
$1000 female
They say Yorkies are natural "Ratters"!  ...... It's a fake rat.
She is so sweet.  You will fall in love.
I'm Available
I'm Available
I'm Available
Sold to Roya Callia
She is ready for Halloween!
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