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  AKC    Kaleigh Wrae's Baby Tar
AKC Heide's Hidden Gem N Eye
AKC    Scott's Honey Blue River
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The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie as he or she is commonly called, is a toy terrier known for its long, silky, blue coat and playful, terrier demeanor. It was originally used as a ratting dog by the peasants in England. TodayYorkies are a companion animal and much of their ratting instinct can only be seen while playing with their toys.  I always say they have the playfulness of a kitten with the loyal, loving personality of a canine. Additionally, they take their role as a family member very seriously. They have big personalities and most families are owned by them rather than the reverse.   

Many breeders and clubs do not recommend they belong in families with small children.  However, as 
you will see on our website there are many children in our pictures withYorkies.  I feel it is the owner's responsibility of the Yorkshire Terrier to supervise their kids or visitors with small children when playing 
with a new puppy, just as you would supervise them in handling a new baby in your home.  

I have raised this breed since my daughter was two years old. 
Once, I rescued Winnie's Bit O'Honey from Kaleigh's Lincoln Log Box.  
Winnie was fine and unharmed, however, Kaleigh's feelings and her "bum" didn't
fair as well!   This is now a comical story that we tell all of our prospective buyers. 
Kaleigh is our little house veterinarian and Winnie still runs from Kaleigh!  ha   
 AKC Winnie's Bit O' Honey
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AKC   Poppy's Acoustic Melody  
AKC       Novell's Red Bird
Retired and passed this year at the age of 16.  She was my first yorkie.
AKC   Dixie's Black Diamond   
AKC     Pocketbook's Best Bet See Me Now
AKC        Frankly All Dolled Up 
AKC          Engelmann's Lucky Penny
AKC     Betty Lou Silver Dollar Flip
AKC        Whoop Foxy Roxy
AKC   Pocketbook's Jasmine De Le Chaz
AKC   Pocketbook's Apple Of My Eye
AKC Turquois Chanel of Arroyo Seco
AKC   Pocketbook's Sunny One So True
AKC Golden Doll of Parti Rock
Retired and Spayed